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This is the home for games that are free for you to print and play. Feel free to try these and let us know what you think, at '', via the 'Contact' tab, or on any one of our social channels @walnutgamesuk. Have fun!

Burrowdale - route-building, trading and scheming with bunnies! Devious, puzzly fun, free as a print & play here

Zillertal - card patching and contract-fulfilling in the Austrian Alps.

Free to try as a print & play here

Nuuk title 1-100.jpg

Nuuk - our most recent game, Kickstarter funded as a Print & Play only. Click here to try a free Print & Play version.

Rules can be downloaded here.

Makalu logo RGB final.png

Makalu is a roll-and-write game in which you try and lead an expedition to the top of this Himalayan giant. Can you match the achievements of the greatest ever?

SvsS logo 2.png

Feeling festive? Try this Christmas-themed print & play. Play as either Santa or Scrooge, trying to make or break Christmas. Who will get to a billion homes first? For one or two players.

Game linked here

Rules linked here

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