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Life on Kickstarter begins!

What an exciting day :-) Take the Kingdom launched on Kickstarter this morning and I've had a thoroughly enjoyable day telling the world, talking to backers and finding my way around the KS tools and dashboard.

As I post this message we're about 10% funded, thanks to our first 27 backers, so although we've got a long way to go it's a great start, and we've already reached two of the goals I was most worried about last night - getting the first backer, and getting the first backer that isn't a friend or family. So those two have been achieved in spades and I've been grinning all day long. A huge, huge thank you to everyone that's got involved on Day 1!

One of the great opportunities that Kickstarter gives you is to be able to engage with your backers, especially those that are interested but not sure yet. Although I've tried to get the game, and the campaign, as far as I can, I've really been looking forward to hearing what people think (for better or worse) and having the chance to have a proper conversation - and hopefully make the game even better as a result. So I'm hoping to learn a lot from the next 28 days.

A late night tonight to keep in touch with US backers as Friday evening kicks off there, and here's hoping for a successful weekend.



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