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Two weeks until K-day

So it's now less than a fortnight until we launch our first Kickstarter campaign for Take The Kingdom and it's been a busy couple of weeks here. Apart from putting our KS page together, we've got some more great art from Luke Horsman, who's been working on some lovely page headings for us as well as a kind of flagship graphic that shows some of the different aspects of the game all together (see below). We've also been working with a partner in Canada to come up with a short animation that gives a little introduction as to how to play the game. We're working on a Print & Play version of Take The Kingdom so people can try the game at home first, and we're editing and tweaking the rules to make sure that's as clear as possible. We're hoping as well to get at least one more 'official' review before it goes live, following the earlier ones provided by Jeff Provine, Stephane Athimon and Calvin Daniels.

We've also had some more prototype boxes arrive this week, which we've ordered with different finishes and in different sizes, so we can work out what's the best fit for the game and what's the best quality product. One of the main grumbles we've had with earlier attempts at production was that the box was too flimsy. These new ones are great - rigid and with a nice finish.

On the less visual side, we've now agreed terms with a couple of big names in logistics and fulfilment, who will play perhaps the most important role in the whole campaign in making sure the games actually get to our backers, on time and in great condition. Thanks to these partners we're going to be able to ship anywhere in the world, and shipping will be "friendly" for backers in the EU, US, Canada and Australia - in other words if you're backing from one of those countries, you won't have to pay VAT or customs charges, as that will be dealt with centrally by Walnut Games and by our fulfilment partners.

As far as launch day goes, we're now looking at Friday 24th August - we've slipped it by three days to accommodate some domestic considerations, but will now be running for a few days longer in total (28) to hopefully give the best possible chance of funding.

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, click here for an explanation of how it all works. And if you want to know more about the game, just take a look around these pages for more information! Then keep an eye on on 24 August for the campaign itself. And as ever, if you want to know more about what we're up to, feel free to follow up on Twitter @walnutgamesuk, joint us on the forums, or drop us your email address via the Contact tab above.



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