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Walnut Games - the next 12 months

Today we re-launch our blog on and I thought it'd be good to start with our plans for the next year. We're aiming to get as many as three games published over the course of the next 12 months, depending, of course, on how we get on on Kickstarter...

So first up in August will be the launch of Take The Kingdom, which we've featured on this site for a while now. We produced a small print run at the end of 2017 but to be honest, it wasn't of the quality we would have wanted so we're going to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a much better version, with a more rigid box, better rules booklet and an expansion pack coming soon. Much more to come on this in a future blog - and take a look at the other pages here to find out more.

Towards the end of 2018 we'll be running a similar campaign for our new card game, Tiny Armoury. This is in final testing ahead of getting some artwork done, and we ran a version of this at UK Games Expo last month on the PlaytestUK tables, from which we got some great feedback and some really good ideas on how we can improve the game further.

Finally, and looking ahead to 2019, we're aiming to launch our first full boardgame next year, hopefully with some final demos and testing at UK Games Expo 2019 in Birmingham. We're still at the testing & prototypes stage for this, with the main area of focus being to get more player interaction into the game. We're really excited about this one and it's got a great theme, but I'll keep our powder dry on the details for a future post!

Watch this space for all the latest from Walnut Games - feel free to get in touch via the Contact tab on this site; we're also active on ('Walnut Games').



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