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What we're playing - June '18

Here’s what’s been all over the Walnut Games playtable this month:

  1. Kingdomino – we played Queendomino before Kingdomino so were pleasantly surprised to find this to be a family-friendly game with loads of scope to out-think and out-manoeuvre your opponent, in just 20 minutes! Very much recommended to anyone looking to convert friends to ‘proper’ games, or to anyone looking for something new to play with kids 7+.

  2. Munchkin – infinitely-expandable card game in which you fight monsters, advance levels and sabotage your fellow players. Similar theme to Dungeons & Dragons, but simpler, with cards, and way more weapons. Takes a little bit of getting used to but great fun once you’ve got the hang – takes about 45 minutes to play (depending on how many of the seemingly hundreds of expansion packs you add in…). Warning - can get very competitive!

  3. Potion Explosion - the wonderfully tangible magic-themed game from Horrible Games, in which you remove lines of coloured marbles to create chain reactions, from which you can make potions and score points. We love this - really atmospheric, a great theme and good for the whole family.

  4. Football. Actual football – seriously, it’s 25 degrees out and the World Cup’s on, get outside! 😊

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