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Walnut Games introduces a puzzle-based card game that can be played solo or with 2-4 players. It'll take just a minute to learn but will keep you amused and challenged for hours.

'Ukiyo' means 'Floating World' and refers to a state of being detached from life's troubles, living in the moment. We hope this simple but absorbing game can help you forget life's troubles for a while.

Each of the 16 game cards contains different combinations of four different Japanese symbols – Crane (origami bird), Sakura (cherry blossom), Acorn and Butterfly. Each card also contains a task, numbered 1-16 in ascending order of difficulty. Each task involves arranging those symbols in certain ways, for example to create a line of four acorns. Play cards onto an area of 6x6 symbols and try and complete the card tasks. With almost infinite combinations, it's a different game every time you play. See the 'Ukiyo' tab at the top of the page for more information, images and videos.


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