Currently fulfilling to Kickstarter backers - available to buy on this site later this summer!

Take The Kingdom is a medieval-themed card game for 1-4 players. Playing as a medieval Noble, your aim is to build your Kingdom to be the strongest around while making sure that your rivals are kept in check.

Starting with a Fort and some Land, you can add Walls, Moats, Archers, Battlements and Knights to fortify your Kingdom, then attack the kingdoms of your opponents with Siege Towers, Pikemen, Trebuchets and more. You can use Action cards to control the fate of your enemies - play Mutiny, Sabotage, Disrepair and even Earthquakes to turn the game in your favour.








Take the Kingdom is the ideal 'gateway' game, suited for those looking for something not too complicated and quick to learn and play, but a change from the stale old traditional boardgames that come out every year. Now with a great solo mode too!

We're currently making some final adjustments ahead of a Kickstarter relaunch in March 2021. If you'd like to play Take The Kingdom virtually, why not try the new Tabletop Simulator mod here:

Or on Tabletopia here: Play Take The Kingdom Online | Tabletopia

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The background art on this page is from the new box for Take The Kingdom and is by Filipe Ferreira. Check out more of his work here:

Card art is by Luke Horsman at Little Robot Designs.

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