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Ukiyo is a tactical, puzzle-based card game for 1-4 players. It takes about 5 minutes to play, and has both solo and multi-player modes. With almost infinite card combinations, it's a different game every time you play.

Each card contains a task, and a combination of Japanese symbols. Play cards in turn, horizontally or vertically, overlapping previous cards, to try and complete the task on the last card left in your hand. In solo mode, complete puzzles consisting of specific combinations of card tasks. Expand your mind with this relaxing but deceptively challenging game! Scroll down for some game images.

Ukiyo was originally crowdfunded in November 2020 and the first print run sold out during 2021. Ukiyo is now back in stock - get your copy via the 'Shop' tab.


If you prefer Print & Play, there's a PDF version available to download HERE in English, French or German.

The rules for Ukiyo can be found HERE

There's also a Mod available on Tabletopia - you can play for free at this link:

Ukiyo v.1.8 • Tabletopia

Ukiyo is on BoardGameGeek here

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Ukiyo icons 1.png
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